Shopping Center Miloslavov

Obchodné centrum Miloslavov

Developer OC MILOSLAVOV, s.r.o. is building a modern shopping center with an area of ​​3000 square meters in the Miloslavov, near Bratislava.

The Miloslavov Shopping Center will be dominated by the 1400 m2 Billa groceries. However, our goal is to strengthen other important services and civic amenities in the village. In addition to the supermarket, the center will also include 101 drogerie, cafes, flower shops, pet supplies, a well-known family bakery, wine shop, fast food service with food delivery, and distribution of medical equipment and supplies.

There will also be a district department of the Police in the Miloslavov shopping center, which will have the competence of the municipality: Miloslavov, Dunajská Lužná, Hamuliakovo, Rovinka, Kalinkovo, Tomášov and Most pri Bratislave. Parking areas will also include a touch-free car wash. Our aim is to build a diverse center providing missing services and amenities in the growing village of Miloslavov so that residents do not have to travel for shopping to Bratislava.